Tree Menu Update

The Treemenu, that is being developed for our new website, is now coming along REALLY well. had some problems getting it fully relative but that seems to be sorted now and is looking superb.

I’m delighted that the Tree Menu is finally taking shape, it’s taken us long enough but it’s a nifty little application that I hope people will have pleasure working with.

Still lots more to do but hope to have it ready in the next few weeks

DHTML Menu Downloads

Just had a fantastic idea for the menu downloads.

As we are currently re-building our website I have decided to rebuild the download system as well. This is going to be even more dynamic than the current download system we use, creating downloads on the fly based on licensing info but with a twist.

The new menu download system will allow you to choose different themes and also make modifications to your standard download before it is actually built. This should hopefully limit the number of samples we have to store as you will be building dynamic menus before you download them.

Better get my thinking cap on and bury my head in some code.

New Milonic DHTML JavaScript Wiki

In order for us to try and eliminiate as much tech support as we can we have decided to use the Wiki system for documentation.

This system will be good because it will enable us to add documentation and users can also comment on it and add their own information.

I’m currently working on setting it all up and will post here when it goes live


This Blog is being published in order for our users and staff to keep tabs on what is going on at Milonic.

Updates for all our JavaScript and DHTML Website Menu products should be making an appearance in this Blog.

Any changes to the Milonic website and problems we have encountered will also be posted here.

Hello world!

Welcome to Milonic’s New Blog.

Here at Milonic, we have decided to start a blog. So much is happening behind the scenes that it’s difficult for us to keep up. At least this way we can all see what is going on and where we are at with new products and tools.