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Bolt-on Menu Modules

As feature rich as the Milonic Menu is, we also have a vast array of optional extras which come in the form of Bolt-on Modules. We do not include these modules in the full menu code as they are specialised scripts which the majority of our users would not utilise. These modules are available to all of our users at no additional cost and can be downloaded via the links below.

Image Pre-loading Module preloadmenuimages.js version 1.3 June 27 2006

The Image Pre-loading Module is for menus which include a large number of images.

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.16 or higher

USE: This module does not need any parameters but needs to be placed after the menus have been built.

SYNTAX: <script language="JavaScript1.2" type="text/javascript" src="preloadmenuimages.js"></script>

Download Image Pre-loading Module

Menu Item Activator Module mmpagehighlighter.js version 1.4 August 5 2008

Used for highlighting a menu item by showmenu, text or item number based on pagematch properties.

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.16 or higher

USE: This module does not need any parameters but needs to be placed after the menus have been built

mmItemActiveByShowMenu("dhtml menu") // highlights a menu item based on its Showmenu value
mmItemActivateByText("image map sample") // highlights a menu item based on its Text value
mmItemActivateByNumber(5) // highlights a menu item based on its Numberical Order

The text properties are non case sensitive

Download Menu Item Activator Module

Context/Right Click Menu Module contextmenu.js version 1.2

The Right Click Module allows you to add a special menu which only appears on the right click of the mouse. This is a great addition to compliment your existing website menu.

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.16 or higher


SYNTAX: <script type="text/javascript" src="contextmenu.js"></script>

See Sample

Download Context/Right Click Menu Module

Drag & Drop Module dragdrop.js version 1.5

The Drag & Drop Module allows your menu to become dragable and be moved around the screen by your users.

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.780 or higher

USE: In order to enable menus as dragable, the menu must be alwaysvisible and the menu item initiating drag/drop must have the property type=dragable; declared: aI("align=center;pointer=move;text=You Can Move Me;type=dragable;url=#;");

SYNTAX: <script language=javascript src=/dragdrop.js></script>

See Sample

Download Drag & Drop Menu Module

Editing API Module mm_menueditapi.js version 4.2

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.764 or higher

USE: This module does not need any parameters but needs to be placed after the menus have been built

mm_deleteItem('Main Menu',3) // Removes third item in Main Menu
mm_insertItem('Main Menu',2,'text=New Item;url=test.html;offcolor=yellow;offbgcolor=darkblue;') // Inserts a new item at position 2 in Main Menu
mm_editItem('Main Menu',4,'text=Changed Item;url=index.phpp') // Modifies the details of menu item 4 in Main Menu

Download Menu Editing API Module

Keypress Module keypress.js version 2.9

Used for accessibility of the menu. This module will allow the user to navigate Milonic menus via the keyboard.

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.16 or higher


SYNTAX: <script src="/keypress.js" type=text/javascript></script>

Download Menu Keypress Module

Tooltips Module tooltips.js version 2.92

Used for adding pop up tooltips messages to your menu items and also to any other HTML object.

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.796 or higher

USE: Declare the tool tip in your menu item. To do this add a menu item property called 'tooltip' to your menu items like this: tooltips=Your Text Here; example: aI("text=Tooltip Sample;tooltip=Here is your Toolteip;");

To add tooltips to HTML object, create a mouseover function, like this: onmouseover="showtip('Your Text Here');" and a mouseout function like this: onmouseout="hidetip()"

Example: <a href="login.php" onmouseover="showtip('You are currently logged in')" onmouseout="hidetip()">Login</a>

SYNTAX: <script src="/tooltips.js" type=text/javascript></script>

See Sample

Download Tooltips Module

Treemenu Module treemenu.js version 1.29

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.764 or higher


SYNTAX: <script type="text/javascript" src="/treemenu.js"></script>

Download Menu Treemenu Module

Automatic Menu Opening Module openmenusbyurl.js version 2.3

The object of this module is to re-open the menu or menus up to point where the user was on a previous page.

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.62 or higher


SYNTAX: <script type="text/javascript" src="/openmenusbyurl.js"></script>

Download Menu Automatic Menu Opening Module

Clock Module menuclock.js version 1.0 December 5th 2004

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.16 or higher

USE: This module must be placed before the data file in order to configure itself first. There are elements inside the data file that rely on this module being in place before it can execute. You just need to change the month and day names to suit your language, please keep the order the same otherwise your dates will be wrong.

SYNTAX: <script type="text/javascript" src="/menuclock.js"></script>

Download Menu Clock Module

Color Changing Module changecolorsbyclick.js version 1.1 April 20 2005

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.70 or higher

USE: For use with the following properties:

SYNTAX: <script type="text/javascript" src="/changecolorsbyclick.js"></script>

Download Menu Color Changing Module

Object Hiding Module divhider.js version 1.0

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.16 or higher

USE: The idea is to declare the HTML Object you need to hide when a menu becomes visible. Declare the Menu Name -> Object Reference followed by a semi colon M_hideMenus "MenuName->ObjectReference;";

SYNTAX: <script type="text/javascript" src="/divhider.js"></script>

Download Menu Object Hiding Module

Insert Item Module insertitem.js version 1.0

COMPATIBILITY: Milonic DHTML Menu version 5.16 or higher


SYNTAX: <script type="text/javascript" src="/insertitem.js"></script>

The above <SCRIPT tag must be entered before the menu_data.js file

Download Menu Insert Item Module

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